Instructions for Abstracts

last modified July 31th 2006

Format of the manuscripts

Invited speakers and authors of the accepted papers in the oral or poster presentation should prepare the camera ready version of the 1-2 page abstract to be included in the pre-proceedings.
Please send the abstract by August 15 via e-mail to :

This camera-ready abstract has to meet the following conditions:

Style and Template files

We can provide style (for TeX system) and template files (for MS-Word). Please download followings and use freely.

Note: If you prepare your final manuscript on Windows or MacOS, we recommend that you submit it in PDF. Postscript files created on Windows or MacOS may not be readable or printable on our UNIX environment.
In addition, when you create PDF file from your manuscript source (especially from MS-Word), please select fonts carefully for some fonts cannot be handled well by PDF creating system.