Poster session A (40 posters): Tue, August 25

  • [PA1] Kouhei Kushida, Teppei Shima and Shigeru Yamashita
    Changing Specification By Adding Multiple-Control Toffoli Gates for Generating a Better Initial Reversible Circuit
  • [PA2] Minsu Kim, Jinhyoung Lee and Sang Wook Kim
    Is Bell inequality violated once measurement independence is relaxed?
  • [PA3] Nurul Ain Binti Adnan and Shigeru Yamashita
    Reordering of Multiple-Control Toffoli gates for Better Decomposition
  • [PA4] Hyukjoon Kwon and Hyunseok Jeong
    Proposal for generation of optical hybrid entanglement and its non-locality tests
  • [PA5] Koutarou Hoshi, Yousef Mohammed Alhamdan Alhamdan, Shigeru Yamashita, Simon Devitt and Kae Nemoto
    Reduction of Computational Steps for Topological Quantum Computation by Inserting SWAP Gates
  • [PA6] Jeonghoon Park and Soojoon Lee
    Quantum Lov\'{a}sz number is bounded above by quantum non-signalling assisted zero-error classical capacity for qubit channels
  • [PA7] Hao-Chung Cheng, Min-Hsiu Hsieh and Ping-Cheng Yeh
    The Learnability of Unknown Quantum Measurements
  • [PA8] Dong-Sheng Ding
    Quantum storage of high-dimensional entanglement
  • [PA9] Dong-Sheng Ding
    Single-Photon-Level Quantum Image Memory Based on Cold Atomic Ensembles
  • [PA10] Kyunghyun Baek and Wonmin Son
    Effects of generalized measurement on entropic uncertainty
  • [PA11] Minami Tanaka, Asuka Ohashi, Tomohiro Sogabe and Tsuyoshi Usuda
    Derivation of analytical expression of channel matrix for coded 4PSK signals using tensor product decomposition of Gram matrix
  • [PA12] Jibo Dai, Yink Loong Len and Hui Khoon Ng
    What is the joint system-bath state?
  • [PA13] Neris Ilano, Ronald Banzon and Cristine Villagonzalo
    A critically damped quantum search may not necessarily be optimal
  • [PA14] Yi-Lin Seah, Jiangwei Shang, Hui Khoon Ng, David John Nott and Berthold-Georg Englert
    Monte Carlo sampling from the quantum state space
  • [PA15] Tien Trung Pham and Shigeru Yamashita
    An approach for controllable decomposition of generic quantum gate
  • [PA16] Souichi Takahira, Asuka Ohashi, Tomohiro Sogabe and Tsuyoshi Usuda
    Quantum-classical hybrid algorithm to solve linear equations for k-tridiagonal matrix
  • [PA17] Min Namkung, Jinho Chang, Jaehee Shin and Younghun Kwon
    Revisiting quantum discord for two-qubit X states
  • [PA18] Jihwan Kim, Donghoon Ha and Younghun Kwon
    Variation of guessing probability for three qubit states
  • [PA19] Akihito Kadoya, Yuki Umemura, Shungo Asano, Naoki Iwata and Tsuyoshi Usuda
    KCQ using binary linear code and its performance
  • [PA20] Mohammad Amin Taherkhani and Rodney Van Meter
    Performance Analysis of Byzantine Agreement on Quantum Repeater Networks
  • [PA21] Mark Um, Junhua Zhang, Dingshun Lv, Yao Ly, Shuoming An, Jing-Ning Zhang, Hyunchul Nha, M. S. Kim and Kihwan Kim
    Realization of arithmetic addition and subtraction in a quantum system
  • [PA22] Hidefumi Hiraishi, Hiroshi Imai, Yoichi Iwata and Bingkai Lin
    Efficient Parameterized Algorithm to Compute Planar Ising Partition Function
  • [PA23] Theodore Yoder, Guang Hao Low and Isaac Chuang
    Proving lower bounds on open-loop error correction by reduction from quantum search
  • [PA24] Gwangil Bae and Wonmin Son
    Generalized Bell correlation and its algebraic analysis
  • [PA25] Seungho Yang and Hyunseok Jeong
    Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger entanglement cost of preparing a multipartite pure state is upper bounded by quantum discord
  • [PA26] Atsushi Shimbo, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao
    State-optimized local randomization: randomness cost of bipartite states
  • [PA27] Satoshi Nakajima and Yasuhiro Tokura
    Formulation of non-Markovian time-continuous quantum measurement using the Mensky’s restricted path integral
  • [PA28] Tanmay Singal, Ramij Rahaman, Sibasish Ghosh and Guruprasad Kar
    Complete Analysis of Perfect Local Distinguishability of Set of Four Generalized Bell States in $\mathbb{C}^4 \otimes \mathbb{C}^4$
  • [PA29] Shungo Asano and Tsuyoshi Usuda
    On accuracy of approximation of optimum quantum receiver performance using trace distance
  • [PA30] Murphy Yuezhen Niu
    Pure State Generation through Optimal Quasi-phase Matching
  • [PA31] Hiroshi Imai, Yosuke Yano and Satoru Yasuda
    Benchmark Test on Solution Quality for Max Cut Solvers
  • [PA32] Anmer Daskin
    Finding the Eigenvalue Associated with a Positive Eigenvector of a Operator
  • [PA33] Zhen-Yu Xu and Shiqun Zhu
    Non-Markovian effect on quantum speed limit in a photon system
  • [PA34] Ludmila Praxmeyer, Chih-Cheng Chen, Popo Yang, Chung-Yun Hsieh, Shang-Da Yang and Ray-Kuang Lee
    Realization of sub-Planck Structure from Compass States in Time-Frequency Domain
  • [PA35] Serge Massar, Stefano Pironio and Damián Pitalúa-García
    Hyperdense coding and superadditivity of classical capacities in hypersphere theories
  • [PA36] Ana Belén Sainz, Nicolas Brunner, Daniel Cavalcanti, Paul Skrzypczyk and Tamás Vértesi
    Post-quantum steering
  • [PA37] Su-Yong Lee, Chang-Woo Lee, Jaehak Lee and Hyunchul Nha
    Quantum phase estimation using a class of entangled states: NOON-type states
  • [PA38] Marcin Wiesniak, Arijit Dutta and Junghee Ryu
    Outcome Strategies in Geometrical Bell Inequalities for Qudits
  • [PA39] Jaideep Mulherkar
    Classical capacity of a qubit depolarizing memory channel with Markovian correlated noise
  • [PA40] Atsushi Noguchi, Yutaka Shikano, Kenji Toyoda and Shinji Urabe
    Observation of Phonon Interference by Linear Paul Trap

Poster session B (40 posters): Wed, August 26

  • [PB1] Jun-Yi Wu, Dagmar Bruss and Hermann Kampermann
    X-chains reveal substructures of graph states
  • [PB2] Shiou-An Wang and Chin-Yung Lu
    Routing Protocol for Quantum Secure Communication Network
  • [PB3] Chang-Woo Lee, Pawel Kurzynski and Hyunchul Nha
    Nonlinear Dirac Equations Simulated on Quantum Walk Platform
  • [PB4] Adam Rutkowski, Michal Studzinski, Piotr Cwiklinski and Michal Horodecki
    Construction and properties of a class of private states in arbitrary dimensions
  • [PB5] Mun Dae Kim and Jaewan Kim
    A Two-level System-Assisted Coupling between Qubits in Circuit-QED Architecture
  • [PB6] Peter Rohde, Keith Motes, Alexei Gilchrist and Jonathan Dowling
    Efficient architectures for linear optics quantum computing using temporal encoding
  • [PB7] Taeseung Choi and Yeong D. Han
    No causal order and quantum probability assignment
  • [PB8] Sang Jae Yun
    Superconducting qubit without Josephson junctions manipulated by the orbital angular momentum of light
  • [PB9] Krishnakumar Sabapathy
    Nonclassicality-depth for quantum-optical channels: A noisy approach
  • [PB10] Chin-Yung Lu and Shiou-An Wang
    Using a New Modified Tabulation Method for Reversible Circuits Construction
  • [PB11] Lvzhou Li and Daowen Qiu
    Lower bounds on the size of semi-quantum automata
  • [PB12] Withdrawn
  • [PB13] Chae-Yeun Park and Hyunseok Jeong
    Bell-inequality tests using asymmetric entangled coherent states
  • [PB14] Shane Dooley, Yuichiro Matsuzaki, George Knee, Bill Munro, Emi Yukawa and Kae Nemoto
    Generating non-classical states of spins via interaction with an ancillary qubit
  • [PB15] Jeongho Bang, Junghee Ryu, Marcin Pawlowski, Wonmin Son, B.S. Ham and Jinhyoung Lee
    A better use of available hint by quantum action
  • [PB16] Haozhen Situ
    “Threshold controlled teleportation with two, three and four controllers”
  • [PB17] Jeong Ryeol Choi and Ji Nny Song
    Adiabatic invariants for superconducting qubit-oscillators and res-onators in quantum computing systems
  • [PB18] Emi Yukawa and Kae Nemoto
    Classification of spin and multipolar squeezing in collective spin systems
  • [PB19] Taewan Noh, Jung Hwan Park, Gwan Yeol Park, Woon Song and Yonuk Chong
    Measurement of gate fidelity in a superconducting 3D transmon qubit
  • [PB20] Eunok Bae, Gilad Gour, Soojoon Lee, Jeonghoon Park and Barry Sanders
    Stability Theorem for the output quantum Renyi entropies of the depolarizing channel
  • [PB21] Louis Tessler and Tim Byrnes
    A Quantum Error Correction Scheme for Spin Ensemble Continuous Variables
  • [PB22] Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, Margherita Zuppardo, Tanjung Krisnanda, Tomasz Paterek, Anindita Banerjee, Prasenjit Deb, Saronath Haldar, Kavan Modi and Mauro Paternostro
    Excessive distribution of quantum entanglement
  • [PB23] Wiesław Laskowski, Junghee Ryu and Marek Zukowski
    Bell’s theorem for three-qutrit states: Noise resistance of the violation
  • [PB24] Jaehak Lee, Se-Wan Ji, Jiyong Park and Hyunchul Nha
    Capacity of Gaussian communication is additive
  • [PB25] Se-Wan Ji, Jaehak Lee, Jiyong Park and Hyunchul Nha
    Steering Criteria Based on Local Uncertainty Relations
  • [PB26] Withdrawn
  • [PB27] Constanza Riera, Ramij Rahaman and Matthew Parker
    Mixed graph states
  • [PB28] Taewan Kim and Soojoon Lee
    Forgeable quantum messages in arbitrated quantum signature schemes
  • [PB29] Mark Um, Xiang Zhang, Junhua Zhang, Ye Wang, Yang-Chao Shen, Dong-Ling Deng, Luming Duan and Kihwan Kim
    Random Numbers Certied by Quantum Contextuality
  • [PB30] Aura Mae Villaruel and Francis N. C. Paraan
    Polarization fluctuation as an entanglement measure for a two-level system entangled with an arbitrary environment
  • [PB31] Marek Zukowski, Arijit Dutta and Zhi Yin
    Geometric Bell-like inequalities for steering
  • [PB32] Lin Chen and Li Yu
    Improved entanglement cost for bipartite unitaries of Schmidt rank three
  • [PB33] Jeong San Kim
    Negativity and strong monogamy of multi-party quantum entanglement beyond qubits
  • [PB34] Donggeun Lee and Wonmin Son
    Simulation of small number spins using matrix product state representation with variational method
  • [PB35] Rodney Van Meter, Shigeya Suzuki, Shota Nagayama and Hiroyuki Kusumoto
    Distributed Management of Density Matrices
  • [PB36] Yingkai Ouyang, Si-Hui Tan, Joshua Kettlewell, Lin Chen and Joseph Fitzsimons
    A quantum approach to homomorphic encryption
  • [PB37] Alex Parent, Martin Roetteler and Krysta Svore
    Reversible circuit compilation with space constraints
  • [PB38] Fumiaki Matsuoka and Akihisa Tomita
    Generation of Phase-Squeezed State using Conditional Displacement Operation
  • [PB39] Kousuke Fukui
    Cluster-based architecture for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing with Continuous-Variable Cluster States
  • [PB40] Martin Dudziak
    In-Silico Protein Arrays for Fault-Tolerant Trans-Turing Computing