Best Student Poster Award Winner

Session A:
Kohdai Kuroiwa
General Quantum Resource Theories: Maximal Resources, Catalytic Replication, and Consistent Measures
Seok-Hyung Lee
Universal resource-efficient topological measurement-based quantum computation via color-code-based cluster states

Session B:
Graeme Berk
Resource Theories of Multi-time  Processes with Applications to Dynamical Decoupling
Bo Yang
Efficient readout error mitigation heuristic for measurement outcomes with few states

Session C:
Gergely Bunth
Asymptotic relative submajorization of multiple state boxes
Qinghe Wang
Pulse-based Variational Quantum Eigensolver

Session D:
Frederik Hahn
Anonymous Quantum Conference Key Agreement
Beata Zjawin
The resource theory of steering under local operations and shared randomness