Information for Presentation

Last modified August 17th 2005

Oral presentation

One screen with a projector available for PC presentation, an overhead camera, and an overhead projector is prepared for each room (no large boards are equipped in the rooms).

Please prepare your slides, PowerPoint file, etc. with sufficiently large letters. If you prepare PowerPoint file, we recommend for you to use characters 40 pt and over.

Note: Due to the limitation of our projector, some high-resolution screen modes (over 1024x768) are not available for presentation.

If you bring electric appliance (e.g., laptop PC) to Japan, please do not forget to bring a power converter too. Japanese plug are different from non-Japanese ones and can supply only 100V AC and 50 Hz.

Keynote presentation lasts 50 minutes including 10 minutes discussion, invited presentation lasts 40 minutes including 5 minutes discussion,and oral presentation lasts 15 minutes including 5 minutes discussion.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Poster presentation

Panel size is H1700mm x W950mm (H66.9 in x W37.4 in).

Each poster should be attached before the beginning of the poster session at the panel of the number which is given at the left of the poster presentation in the Accepted Paper list page.

During the poster session, at least one person should be in front of each poster. We will try to provide snack so that more participants will join the session.

Each poster should be removed soon after the session.

Please contact if you have any questions.