Conference Excursion

The tour itinerary is as follows:

Pick up  : 1:00PM, August 31, 2016
Duration: approximated 4.5 hours


Vigor Kobo pastry & pineapple cake DIY

Vigor Kobo pastry :http://www.vigorkobo.com/en_version/index.php

Undoubtedly, pineapple cake (Also known as pineapple pastry, pineapple shortbread, pineapple tart, or “鳳梨酥 fèng lĺ su”) is one of Taiwan’s top selling souvenirs. Tourists visiting from Japan, China, and Singapore are truly, madly, and deeply in love with these miniature pastries; with the support of the tourism bureau and the media, these tiny “golden bricks” sold over NT$390 million in 2013, which equals a total 6 BILLION pineapple cakes!! So how were these irresistible cakes invented? The creation of pineapple cakes is traced back to the 1970s, when pineapples were one of Taiwan’s main export goods. Pineapples were so richly harvested that people back then had to think of ways to use them up. Great minds came together, and after lots of trial-and-error, pastry chefs finally discovered an ideal ratio of pineapple to winter melon to create the most fruity, yet not overly tangy jam, which is divinely complemented by the crumbly, buttery crust that seals everything altogether.  (text source: city543.com)


(photo source: 維格餅家鳳梨酥夢工場)


National Palace Museum http://www.npm.gov.tw/en/

The collection of the National Palace Museum mainly deals with art and artifacts of Chinese heritage. Many of the works in the collection are masterpieces, leading the Museum to become widely known as a treasure trove of Chinese culture.

After their arrival in Taiwan, the collections of the Palace Museum and Preparatory Office of the National Central Museum were temporarily stored at Peikou (in Wufeng, Taichung). In 1965, the two museums joined in Waishuangxi, Taipei, to form the museum now known as the National Palace Museum. The holdings from the Palace Museum included 46,100 antiquities, 5,526 paintings and calligraphies, and 545,797 rare books and documents. The collection from the National Central Museum included 11,047 antiquities, 477 painting and calligraphies, and 38 rare books and documents. In sum, the combined collection consisted of 608,985 cultural relics.


(photo source:National Palace Museum)


Silks Palace (Banquet at 6:00 pm) http://www.silkspalace.com.tw/en/index.php


(photo source: silkspalace)



  1. Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation.
  2. The excursion fee can be paid online before 08/15 or onsite during the conference hours.