Venue & Transportation

Conference Location

International Conference Hall
Humanities and Social Sciences Building (H.S.S. Building), Academia Sinica

  • Basic Information
    No. 128, Section 2, Academia Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City, 115 Taiwan (R.O.C)
    The conference sessions are held at International Conference Hall (3F), 1st and 2nd Conference Room at H.S.S. Building
    Map of Academia Sinica, please see here

Directions from Taoyuan International Airport

Transportation between the Taoyuan International Airport and Academia Sinica (a short journey of about 50km) is convenient, and is usually served by taxi, bus or by a combination of both. Taking a taxi is the most convenient way of transportation while taking a Shuttle Bus and transferring to a taxi or normal bus is the cheapest way of transportation.

  • By Taxi
    Fare: Around NTD 1,500
    Time: 50 minutes
    There is no direct train or bus traveling from the airport to Academia Sinica. If you carry heavy luggages with you, taking a taxi will be the easiest and most comfortable way. Taxi queues are outside the Arrival Lobby of both Terminals I and II and services are available 24 hours a day. Airport taxis to Taipei City charge a flat rate of NTD 1,200 to 1,500. *A night time surcharge may apply for rides after 11pm.
    For more information: please see here
    Please show the following Chinese words to the driver if you want to take a taxi to H.S.S. Building, Academia Sinica.

    請到 中央研究院-人文社會科學館,地址在115 台北市南港區研究院路2段128號,謝謝!

  • By Bus & Taxi
    Fare: Around NTD 300 (bus: TWD115-125; taxi: TWD100-150)
    Time: 90 minutes
    Bus tickets are available at Arrival Areas of both Terminals. For your convenience, please take “Kuo-Kuang Bus” (國光巴士) either Route no. 1843 to Nangang Exhibition Center (南港展覽館) or Route no. 1840 to Songshan Airport (松山機場). Get off at the terminal station and take a taxi to Academia Sinica within 15 minutes.
    For more information: please see here
  • By Bus & MRT
    Fare: Around NTD 180
    Time: 120 minutes
    Take “Kuo-Kuang Bus”(國光巴士) either Route no. 1819 to Taipei Main Station (台北車站) or any bus that goes to the Taipei Main Station. Then take the MRT Banqiao-Nangang Line (Blue Line) to Kunyang Station (昆陽站); exit 4. Please cross the street and find bus stop signs, and take bus 212-Straight Line, 270, 270(Shuttle), BL25 to Academia Sinica Stop.
    For more information: please see here


Shuttle Bus between National Taiwan University and Academic Sinica