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Arriving at NGO airport (Central Japan Intl. Airport or “Centrair”), the fastest way to reach Nagoya city center is by using the μSky Limited Express train. A 25-min trip brings you to Kanayama station (convenient if you are coming to the conference venue directly) or Meitetsu Nagoya (namely, Nagoya central train station; “Meitetsu” is just the name of the private railway that operates the μSky). Notice that you will need some cash to be able to buy the tickets. Notice also that train tickets and subway tickets are to be purchased separately. (In particular, at the airport you can only purchase the train ticket; subway tickets are to be purchased at subway stations.) Currency exchange offices and ATM machines are available all throughout the airport.

Timetables from NGO airport to Nagoya city center: weekdays, weekends.
Timetables from Nagoya city center to NGO airport: weekdays, weekends.

Once in Kanayama station, get out through the ticket gate and search for the signs “Subway”. Follow the signs and get on the circle line (purple color, or “Meijo line”), counter-clockwise direction. The conference venue is at “Nagoya Daigaku” station. Exit 2 is the closest to the conference venue (see the embedded Google map below).

If you are arriving to Nagoya by train, your arrival station will most probably be Nagoya Central Train Station, usually referred to simply as “Nagoya”. From there, the fastest way to reach Nagoya Daigaku subway station is by taking the yellow line (“Higashiyama line”) up to “Motoyama” station, and change to the circle line (“Meijo line”), clockwise direction. Nagoya Daigaku station will be just one stop away.

More about Nagoya subway lines here.

A very convenient tool to plan your trip can be found at this link. (The stations mentioned above will appear there as “Motoyama(Aichi)”, “Nagoyadaigaku”, “Kanayama(Aichi)”, “Nagoya”, and “Centrair Japan Intl Airport”.)

Of course, you can also choose to take a taxi from the airport to the conference venue (in Japanese: 名古屋大学、東山キャンパス、野依記念学術交流館). That should cost you approximately 20,000 JPY. More about airport access to be found here.

Conference venue

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AQIS 2018 will take place on 8-12 September  2018, at the Noyori Conference Hall of Nagoya University.

The accommodation can be reserved via JTB (a travel agency) from the registration webpage. For those that prefer to book independently, it is possible to find further information here.

Restaurants etc

No meals are provided, a part from the lunch box and the dinner on the 10th. However, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops around the campus. Some of them, at walking distance from the conference venue, are highlighted in the map above. A convenience store, open 24/7 and selling all sorts of things, is also highlighted above.