10th Asian Conference on
Quantum Information Science
August 27-31, 2010
The University of Tokyo

Instructions for abstracts

Email us your manuscript

Thank you very much for contributing your works to the AQIS'10 in either way, posters or talks, with which we are now going to prepare a conference book consisting of summaries of each one within 2 pages. We kindly ask invited speakers and authors of the accepted abstracts in the oral or poster presentation to prepare the camera ready version of the 1-2 page extended abstract to be included in the pre-proceedings.

Please submit the final extended abstract using the templates below together with the following form by July 30 August 8 via email to email (Do not send to email)

The following form will be used for the table of contents of proceedings, and the exactly the same form as your email will be processed with LaTeX.

If you fail to send the information, the information in the table of contents may not be exactly the same as what you want.

Information Form
{Title of the paper}
{Author 1 (affiliation), Author 2 (affiliation), ..... Author N-1
(affiliation), and Author N (affiliation)}
* You can use LaTeX command as Example2 if you want.

Example 1:
{Quantum computation with entanglement}
{Hiroshi Imai (University of Tokyo), Kazuo Iwama (Kyoto University), and Jozef Gruska (Masaryk University)}

Example 2:
{No nonlocal box is universal}
{Fr\'ed\'eric Dupuis (Universit\'e de Montr\'eal), Nicolas Gisin (Universit\'e de Gen\`eve), Avinatan Hasidim (Hebrew University), Andr\'e Allan M\'ethot (Universit\'e de Gen\`eve), and Haran Pilpel (Hebrew University)}

* You are not allowed to change the information from your submission.

* The table of information will be produced from this information form.

If we find a problem, we will ask you correction.

At the title of email please indicate the paper number in EasyChair and your name. Please attach your files.

* The paper will not appear in the booklet if the author fails to submit the final version until the deadline.

Format of the manuscripts

This camera-ready abstract has to meet the following conditions: (consult templates)

  • Basic Format:
    • at most two pages including the title page.
    • printed on A4 paper.
    • not contain any page number or heading.
    • file format: PDF.
    • file size: up to 4MB.
  • Layout:
    • margins: top, foot and side margins should be over 2cm, 2.5cm and 1.5cm, respectively. The title page should have top margin more than 3cm.
    • minimum contents: title of the manuscript, names of authors, affiliations, addresses, e-mails, a 100-word abstract, keywords and main body of the manuscript.
    • main body: two column.

Style and Template files

We can provide style (for TeX system) and template files (for MS-Word). Please download followings and use freely.


When you create PDF file from your manuscript source (especially from MS-Word), please select fonts carefully for some fonts cannot be handled well by PDF creating system.

Concerning to problems you have when preparing the camera-ready version using the tex format, please do not hesitate to email to email and then we will try to find a solution. Thanks.