Past & Future AQIS

AQIS's are the successors of the meetings EQIS’01-EQIS’05.

EQIS’01 (Tokyo, Japan)
EQIS’02 (Tokyo, Japan)
EQIS’03 (Kyoto, Japan)
EQIS’04 (Tokyo, Japan)
EQIS’05 (Tokyo, Japan)
AQIS’06 (BeiJing, China)
AQIS’07 (Kyoto, Japan)
AQIS’08 (Seoul, Korea)
AQIS’09 (Nanjing, China)
AQIS’10 (Tokyo, Japan)
AQIS'11 (Busan, Korea)
AQIS'12 (Suzhou, China)

AQIS'13 will be on August 25-30, 2013 in Chennai and organized by IMSC Chennai, Prof. R. Simon
AQIS'14 is likely to be in Kyoto on August 21-25, 2014 and organized by University of Kyoto, Prof. K. Iwama