Presentation Guide

Guide for oral presentations

All talks are by projector; there will be laptops provided for the presentations on which you are strongly encouraged to upload your slides before the session. (Preferred format pdf, but also Powerpoint will be supported, only that there can be no guarantee that it’s the version you need for compatibility and fonts.) If you’re worried, you can also bring your presentation on your own computer and connect it to the projector; VGA (D-Sub 15 pin) and HDMI can be connected. If you will use a Mac, please bring the converter to RGB or HDMI.

In either case, we strongly ask you to ensure that your presentation/laptop works well before your session.

Guide for poster presentations

You can use one side of a poster board, which is 190cm high by 90cm wide. We will prepare the boards with poster number by noon on the first day. Please put your poster on the poster board with your number before your poster session, and remove your poster after the session. Be advised that if you do not remove the poster, we will have to throw it away.