If you need a VISA to
enter Japan, please ask your local Japanese embassy/consulate office about VISA
application procedure and necessary documents beforehand. We assume that you
may need to submit the followings, but they may vary depending on where you
file your application.

  • Letter
    of Reason for Invitation in Japanese
    – It says that we need you to come to Japan to attend AQIS2014.
  • Schedule
    in Japanese
    – It says that you will attend AQIS2014 in Kyoto from August 20th to 24th. It
    should also specify your flight and hotel (for all days) information
    (tentative information is OK).
  • Certificate
    of Employment (of Prof. Yamashita, OC Chair who invites you; in Japanese)

We will also issue Invitation Letter in English by Prof.
Yamashita , Organizing Committee  Chair.
We can issue all of the four documents above, but some of them may be unnecessary
for you. I appreciate it if you let us know which ones are necessary. Please
also let us know if you need other documents.

FYI: The Homepage of Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Japan says that the “Letter of Guarantee” is not necessary
if you are invited by a professor of a Japanese University.

Please reply the following form to the local organizers

aqis14(_at_) (Please replace (_at_) with @.)

If you are an author of
paper/poser accepted to AQIS2014, please write the tile of paper.  (Even if
it is not determined whether the paper is accepted, we may write the title in
the paper work, if you need the documents before the notification.) We can
write the information in the letter of invitation. If you are not an author,
please write a specific reason why you would like to attend the conference as
well as an explanation how your current work/study is related to the technical
contents of the conference in detail.

Before asking the VISA documents to us, please register and pay at this link.

  • Your
    name (should be exactly the same as your passport):
  • Your
    affiliation (including mailing address):
  • Your
    profession: (Professor, Researcher, etc.)
  • The
    place of your local Japanese embassy/consulate office to which you will
    submit the documents (City, Country):
  • Your
  • Your
  • Your
    birth date:
  • Your
    flight information (tentative information is O.K.):
  • (flight
    no., arrival/departure date):
  • Your
    hotel name in each day (tentative information is O.K., but please specify
    for all your stay in Japan):
    (All the above your personal information will be used for “Letter of
    Reason for Invitation” and “Schedule” in Japanese)
  • Which
    documents do you need: (Please delete the unnecessary rows)

    Letter of Reason for Invitation in Japanese
    Schedule in Japanese
    Certificate of Employment (of Prof. Yamashita, OC Chair who invites you;
    in Japanese)
    Invitation Letter in English
    Other (please specify below)
  • How
    do you want to have the documents: (Please delete the unnecessary rows)
    - Scanned copy by email
    By fax (please specify your fax number bellow)
    -Your Fax number:
    Original documents by regular mail (please specify your mailing address
    -Your mailing address:
  • Other
    Requests/Comments/Questions, etc (if any):