Posters Day1(Mon)

The poster walls support A0(841*1189 mm) portrait format.

1. Deng-Gao Lai, Fen Zou, Bang-Pin Hou, Yun-Feng Xiao, and Jie-Qiao Liao
Simultaneous cooling of coupled mechanical resonators in cavity optomechanics
2. Fen Zou, Li-Bao Fan, Jin-Feng Huang, and Jie-Qiao Liao
Enhancement of few-photon optomechanical effects with cross-Kerr nonlinearity
3. Ibrahim Yahaya Muhammad, Sikarin Yoo-kong, and Tanapat Deesuwan
Quantum random walk on a one-dimensional lattice with two entangled particles
4. Yu Guo, Bai-Chu Yu, Xiao-Min Hu, Bi-Heng Liu, Yu-Chun Wu, Yun-Feng Huang, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo
Measurement-device-independent quantification of irreducible entanglement
5. Eunok Bae and Soojoon Lee
Continuous hidden shift problem on R^n
6. Lei Xiao, Kunkun Wang, Xiang Zhan, Zhihao Bian, Kohei Kawabata, Masahito Ueda, Wei Yi, and Peng Xue
Observation of critical phenomena in parity-time-symmetric quantum dynamics
7. Lei Xiao, Xingze Qiu, Kunkun Wang, Zhihao Bian, Xiang Zhan, Hideaki Obuse, Barry C. Sanders, Wei Yi, and Peng Xue
Higher winding number in a non-unitary photonic quantum walk
8. WoongSeon Yoo
New proof and Bell-like inequalities of Arrow’s impossibility theorem
9. Feng-Xiao Sun, Qiongyi He, Qihuang Gong, Run Yan Teh, Margaret D. Reid, and Peter D. Drummond
Quantum tunneling and cat-like steady states in a degenerate parametric oscillator with anharmonic nonlinearity
10. Ryuji Takagi
Skew informations from an operational view via resource theory of asymmetry
11. Ryuji Takagi, Bartosz Regula, Kaifeng Bu, Zi-Wen Liu, and Gerardo Adesso
General resource theories in quantum mechanics and beyond: operational characterization via discrimination tasks
12. Chang-Jiang Huang, Qi Yin, Jun-Feng Tang, Daoyi Dong, Guo-Yong Xiang, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo
Experimental realization of a quantum autoencoder via a universal two-qubit unitary gate
13. Yu Guo, Xiao-Min Hu, Zhi-Bo Hou, Huan Cao, Jin-Ming Cui, Bi-Heng Liu, Yun-Feng Huang, Chuan-Feng Li, Guang-Can Guo, and Giulio Chiribella
Experimentally probing quantum communication in a superposition of causal orders
14. Huan Cao, She-Cheng Gao, Bi-Heng Liu, Zheng-Wei Zhou, Jacquiline Romero, Zhao-Hui Li, Si-Yuan Yu, Yun-Feng Huang, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo
Distribution of high-dimensional orbital angular momentum entanglement at telecom wavelength over 1km vortex fiber
15. Masayuki Miyamoto, Masakazu Iwamura, and Koichi Kise
A Quantum Algorithm for Minimum Steiner Tree Problem
16. InU Jeon and Hyunseok Jeong
Measurement-device-independent verification of channel steering and channel coherence
17. Seok Hyung Lie, Hyukjoon Kwon, M.S. Kim, and Hyunkseok Jeong
Unconditionally secure qubit commitment scheme using quantum maskers
18. Shin Funada and Jun Suzuki
Uncertainty relation for the position of an electron in a uniform magnetic field from quantum estimation theory
19. Changhun Oh, Changhyoup Lee, Leonardo Banchi, Su-Yong Lee, Carsten Rockstuhl, and Hyunseok Jeong
Optimal measurements for quantum fidelity between Gaussian states
20. Yonghae Lee, Hayata Yamasaki, Gerardo Adesso, and Soojoon Lee
One-shot quantum state exchange
21. Niklas Johansson and Jan-Ake Larsson
Reversibility and its Connection to the Quantum Computational Speed-up
22. Amandeep Singh Bhatia, Mandeep Kaur Saggi, Ajay Kumar, and Sushma Jain
Matrix Product State Based Quantum Classifier
23. Kiarn T. Laverick, Areeya Chantasri, and Howard M. Wiseman
Quantum State Smoothing for Linear Gaussian Systems
24. Dongkeun Lee and Wonmin Son
Bell type measurements in the 1D infinite spin-1 chain
25. Yonggi Jo and Wonmin Son
Measurement-device-independent quantum secret sharing using high-dimensional quantum states
26. Hayato Arai, Yuuya Yoshida, and Masahito Hayashi
Perfect Discrimination of Non-Orthogonal Separable Pure States on Bipartite System in General Probabilistic Theory
27. Nathan Shettell and Damian Markham
Graph States as a Resource for Quantum Metrology
28. Z-H. Xiang, J. Huwer, R. M. Stevenson, J. Skiba Szymanska1, M. B. Ward, I. Farrer, D. A. Ritchie, and A. J. Shields
Network Integration of Quantum Dot Device and Entanglement in Cambridge Fiber Network
29. Yuuya Yoshida and Masahito Hayashi
Necessary and Sufficient Condition of Asymptotic Decoupling for Markovian Quantum Dynamics
30. Sebastien Designolle, Mate Farkas, and Jedrzej Kaniewski
Incompatibility robustness of quantum measurements: a unified framework
31. Min Namkung and Younghun Kwon
Coherence distribution and depletion in training quantum classifier
32. Jaehee Shin, Donghoon Ha, and Younghun Kwon
Optimal Discrimination of Four Qubit States when Postmeasurement information on subsystem is available
33. Seongjeon Choi, Seokhyung Lee, and Hyunseok Jeong
Quantum information transmission of a multiphoton qubit using optical hybrid entanglement
34. Wooyeong Song, Marcin Wiesniak, Nana Liu, Marcin Pawlowski, Jinhyoung Lee, Jaewan Kim, and Jeongho Bang
A classical-quantum hybrid oracle architecture for an oracle identification problem in the NISQ era
35. Do Kien Tri, Yu Xiang, and Qiongyi He
Detection of multipartite Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-like states
36. Matthew Ho, Mile Gu, and Thomas J. Elliott
Robustness and inference of structural complexity of quantum models of stochastic processes
37. Jihwan Kim, Donghoon Ha, and Younghun Kwon
Quantum ensembles which is error tolerant in prior probability when minimum error discrimination is performed on two quantum states
38. Jeongsoo Kang, Min Namkung, and Younghun Kwon
Understanding Entanglement Survival in Hybrid Quantum System composed of Two-level Atom and Superconducting Circuit in Noisy Environment
39. Keita ISHIKAWA, Tiancheng WANG, and Tsuyoshi Sasaki USUDA
Comparison of quantum reading in non-symmetric loss using maximum and non-maximum quasi-Bell states
40. Hyunseong Jang, Jihwan Kim, and Younghun Kwon
Efficient Quantum Algorithm for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem
41. Yuto Takahashi, Keita Ishikawa, Shogo Usami, and Tsuyoshi Sasaki Usuda
Performance Evaluation of Ghost Imaging with Orthogonal/Non-orthogonal Quantum States
42. Feng Ding and Xueyuan Hu
Masking Quantum Information and Hyperdisks
43. Keisuke SATO, Souichi TAKAHIRA, Kenji NAKAHIRA, and Tsuyoshi Sasaki USUDA
Relation of ‘α-order Renyi’ Subentropy and Mutual Information
44. Ryo Kurama and Noboru Kunihiro
New Quantum Algorithms for Modular Inverse and Its Application on the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem
45. Salman Beigi and Leila Taghavi
Quantum Speedup Based on Classical Decision Trees
46. Wakaki Hattori and Shigeru Yamashita
The decomposition of an MPMCT gate in consideration of NNA
47. Ryota Yonekura, Hidefumi Hiraishi, and Hiroshi Imai
A BDD-based approach to the Ising partition function via Eulerian subgraphs
48. Kota Asai and Shigeru Yamashita
Efficient Mapping of the ZX calculus
49. Tiancheng Wang, Kenji Nakahira, and Tsuyoshi Sasaki Usuda
Design criteria for a robust quantum receiver in the presence of phase noise
50. Mana Yoshida, Shogo Usami, and Tsuyoshi Sasaki Usuda
Evaluation of quantum gain for KCQ protocol using best binary codes in high or low rate
51. Ya Cao, Fei Gao, DanDan Li, and QiaoYan Wen
Quantum control with side information
52. Ayal Green, Yupan Liu, and Guy Kindler
Towards a quantum-inspired proof for IP = PSPACE
53. Max Wilson, Sam Stromswold, Filip Wudarski, Thomas Vandal, Walter Vinci, Norm Tubman, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz, and Eleanor Rieffel
Optimizing quantum heuristics with machine learning
54. Shashank Kumar Ranu, Anil Prabhakar, and Prabha Mandayam
Finite-key analysis for differential phase encoded measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
55. Robertson C. Esperanza and Francis N. C. Paraan
Ground state entanglement in an extended Hubbard model with Ising-like interactions
56. Yudai Suzuki, Hiroshi Yano, Sho Sasaki, Naoki Yamamoto, and Qi Gao
A study on the encoding function for the binary classification problem via quantum support vector machine
57. Kanto Teranishi, Hidefumi Hiraishi, and Hiroshi Imai
Breakout Local Search for Finding Graph Minors
58. Cleofe Dennielle P. Ayang-ang and Francis N. C. Paraan
Quantum phase transitions and Schmidt gap closing in a Kitaev chain with long-ranged interactions
59. Risa Segawa, Shigeru Yamashita, and Rudy Raymond
Minimizing Quantum Circuits for Simultaneous Two-Qubit Measurement by Single-Qubit Measurements
60. Kwangil Bae and Wonmin Son
Generalized nonlocality criteria under the correlation symmetry
61. Yohei Wakabayashi and Shigeru Yamashita
A handy condition of bridge compression for topological quantum circuits
62. Nikolai Miklin, Jakub J. Borkala, and Marcin Pawlowski
Self-testing of unsharp measurements
63. Haozhen Situ, Zhimin He, Yuyi Wang, Lvzhou Li, and Shenggen Zheng
Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks for Discrete Data
64. Hayata Yamasaki and Mio Murao
Distributed Encoding and Decoding of Quantum Information over Networks
65. Xi Chen, Bin Cheng, Zhaokai Li, Xinfang Nie, Nengkun Yu, Man-Hong Yung, and Xinhua Peng
Experimental Cryptographic Verification for Near-Term Quantum Cloud Computing