Posters Day2(Tue)

The poster walls support A0(841*1189 mm) portrait format.

1. Bin Cheng and Man-Hong Yung
Ubiquitous Complexity of Entanglement Spectra
2. Shiou-An Wang and Chin-Yung Lu
Secure Quantum Wireless Communication Network
3. Chin-Yung Lu and Shiou-An Wang
The Simplified Method for Reversible Circuit Using Basic Quantum Gates
4. Yuxiang Yang
Memory effects in quantum metrology
5. Changpeng Shao
Simulate neural networks in the quantum computer
6. Adel Sohbi and Jaewan Kim
A Logical Proof of Quantum Correlations Requiring Entanglement Measurements
7. Su-Yong Lee, Yong Sup Ihn, and Zaeill Kim
Optimal entangled coherent states in lossy quantum-enhanced metrology
8. Thomas J. Elliott, Chengran Yang, Felix C. Binder, Andrew J. P. Garner, Jayne Thompson, and Mile Gu
Extreme dimensional compression with quantum modelling
9. A. Mandilara, C. Valagiannopoulos, and V. M. Akulin
Classical and Quantum Dispersion-Free Coherent Propagation by Tailoring Multi-Modal Coupling
10. Sang Min Lee, Seung-Woo Lee, Hyunseok Jeong, and Hee Su Park
Quantum Teleportation between Multiple Senders and Receivers
11. H. Y. Yuan, S. S. Zheng, Zbigniew Ficek, Q. Y. He, and M. H. Yung
Enhancement of magnon-magnon entanglement inside a cavity
12. Ximing Wang, Yuechi Ma, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, and Man-Hong Yung
Quantum Speedup in Adaptive Boosting of Binary Classification
13. Le Bin Ho and Yasushi Kondo
Tradeoffs in multiphase estimation with postselection measurements
14. G. P. Temporao and G. C. Amaral
Characterization of depolarizing channels using two-photon interference
15. Youngrong Lim, Soojoon Lee, Jaewan Kim, and Kabgyun Jeong
Upper bounds on the quantum capacity for non-Gaussian channels
16. Ashutosh Rai, Cristhiano Duarte, Samurai Brito, and Rafael Chaves
Geometry of the quantum set on no-signaling faces
17. Yonatan Gazit, Hui Khoon Ng, and Jun Suzuki
Optimal estimation of noise asymmetry in the qubit Pauli channel via the theory of optimal design of experiments
18. Dan Li, Ying Liu, Juan Xu, Jia-Bin Yuan, and Yu-Guang Yang
Szegedy Quantum Walks with Memory on Regular Graphs
19. Yu Chen and Haidong Yuan
Zero-error quantum hypothesis testing in finite time with quantum error correction
20. Waldemar Klobus, Adam Burchardt, Adrian Kolodziejski, Mahasweta Pandit, Tamas Vertesi, Karol Zyczkowski, and Wieslaw Laskowski
On k-uniform mixed states
21. Niklas Johansson and Jan-Ake Larsson
Efficient Classical Simulation of Some Quantum Algorithms
22. Giulio Chiribella and Hler Kristjansson
Quantum Shannon theory with superpositions of trajectories
23. Yuling Tian, Tianfeng Feng, Maolin Luo, Shenggen Zheng, and Xiaoqi Zhou
Experimental Demonstration of State Complexity Advantage in Quantum Finite Automaton
24. Spiros Kechrimparis, Tanmay Singal, Chahan M. Kropf, and Joonwoo Bae
Preserving Measurements for Optimal State Discrimination over Quantum Channels
25. D. Ahn, Y. S. Teo, H. Jeong, F. Bouchard, F. Hufnagel, E. Karimi, D. Koutny, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, G. Leuchs, and L. L. Sanchez-Soto
Adaptive Compressive Tomography with No a priori Information
26. Aleksandrs Belovs, Arturo Castellanos, and Francois Le Gall
Quantum Communication Complexity of Distribution Testing
27. Tanjung Krisnanda, Guo Yao Tham, Mauro Paternostro, and Tomasz Paterek
Observable quantum entanglement due to gravity
28. Yohichi Suzuki, Shumpei Uno, Rudy Raymond, Tomoki Tanaka, Tamiya Onodera, and Naoki Yamamoto
Amplitude Estimation with Maximum Likelihood Estimation
29. Yuxuan Du, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, Tongliang Liu, and Dacheng Tao
Variational Quantum Classifier for Nonlinear Data
30. Yuxuan Du, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, Tongliang Liu, and Dacheng Tao
The Expressive Power of Parameterized Quantum Circuits
31. Seung-Woo Lee and Jaewan Kim
Single photon characteristic of superposed weak coherent states and its application to quantum key distribution
32. Jaehak Lee, Jiyong Park, and Hyunchul Nha
No-cloning bound and secure teleportation beyond Gaussian states
33. Zhi-Chao Zhang and Xiangdong Zhang
Strong quantum nonlocality in multipartite quantum systems
34. Jiyong Park, Jaehak Lee, and Hyunchul Nha
Entropic nonclassicality and quantum non-Gaussianity tests using homodyne detection with a beam splitter
35. Leonardo Guerini, Marco Tulio Quintino, and Leandro Aolita
Distributed sampling, quantum communication witnesses, and measurement incompatibility
36. Filip Wudarski, Andreas Woitzik, Panagiotis Barkoutsos, Ivano Tavernelli, and Andreas Buchletiner
Variational Quantum Eigensolver for Fermi-Hubbard models
37. Qian-Ping Mao, Le Wang, and Sheng-Mei Zhao
Decoy-state round-robin differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution with source errors
38. Gang Chen, Le Wang, Shengmei Zhao, and Jozef Gruska
Multiple Pulses Phase-matching Quantum Key Distribution
39. Joong-Sung Lee, Jeongho Bang, Sunghyuk Hong, Changhyoup Lee, Kanghee Seol, Jinhyoung Lee, and Kwang-Geol Lee
Quantum Learning Speed-up with Classical Examples
40. Mun Dae Kim and Jaewan Kim
Coupling qubits in circuit-QED cavities connected by a bridge qubit
41. Hayata Yamasaki and Mio Murao
Spread quantum information in one-shot quantum state merging
42. Mirjam Weilenmann and Roger Colbeck
Analysing causal structures in generalised probabilistic theories
43. Madhav Krishnan Vijayan, Eric Chitambar, and Min-Hsiu Hsieh
One-shot concentration of resource in a general resource theory
44. Edgar A. Aguilar, Mate Farkas, Matej Pivoluska, Martin Plesch, Robert Fickler, and Mehul Malik
Simple Testable Random Number Generator
45. Arijit Dutta, Jeongwoo Jae, Jaewan Kim, Marek Zukowski, and Jinhyoung Lee
Bell theorem unboundedly resilient against noises for qudits
46. Ho-Joon Kim and Sang Wook Kim
Quantum Coherence Concentration Is Irrecoverable.
47. Yanbao Zhang, Hsin-Pin Lo, Takuya Ikuta, Toshimori Honjo, Hiroki Takesue, and William J. Munro
A simple low-latency real-time certifiable quantum random number generator
48. Kyunghyun Baek and Hyunchul Nha
Non-Gaussianity and entropy-bounded uncertainty relations: Application to detection of non-Gaussian entangled states
49. Dan-Dan Li, Xiao-Hong Huang, Wei Huang, and Fei Gao
Device-Independent Quantum Private Query Protocol without the Assumption of Perfect Detectors
50. Junghee Ryu, Jinhyoung Lee, Pawel Kurzynski, and Dagomir Kaszlikowski
No-signaling Monogamies by geometric properties
51. H. Chau Nguyen, Huy-Viet Nguyen, and Otfried Guhne
Geometrical characterisation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering
52. Xueyuan Hu
Coherence non-activating measurement
53. Varun Narasimhachar, Syed Assad, Felix C. Binder, Jayne Thompson, Benjamin Yadin, and Mile Gu
Thermodynamic resource theory for continuous-variable quantum systems
54. Richard Bornat, Guillaume Poly, Jaap Boender, Florian Kammueller, and Rajagopal Nagarajan
Describing and Simulating Quantum Protocols
55. Parveen Kumar, Suman Kundu, Madhavi Chand, R. Vijay, and Apoorva Patel
Understanding Dynamics of Weak Quantum Measurement
56. Chen-Fu Chiang and Aaron Gregory
Continuous Time Quanutm Walk Search on Dimensionality Reduced Complete Bipartite Graphs with k Edges Removed
57. Matej Pivoluska, Paul Appel, Giuseppe Vitagliano, Marcus Huber, David W. Lyons, Alexander J. Heilman, Ezekiel W. Wertz, and Mariami Gachechiladze
Tensor-Edge Hypergraph States
58. David Trillo, Benjamin Dive, and Miguel Navascues
Central polynomials to manipulate time
59. Gerhard W. Dueck, Alexandre A. A. de Almeida, and Alexandre Cesar Rodrigues da Silva
Efficient Mapping of NCV Circuit to IBM’s QX Architectures
60. Kohtaro Kato and Pieter Naaijkens
An entropic invariant for 2D gapped quantum phases
61. Kohei Miyamoto, Masakazu Iwamura, and Koichi Kise
A Quantum Algorithm for Finding k-Minima
62. Seungbeom Chin and Joonsuk Huh
Entanglement of Identical Particles from Three Aspects: the First Quantization, Exterior Products, and GNS representation
63. Ranjith Nair and Mile Gu
General framework for metrology of phase-covariant optical channels
64. Shota Nagayama, Takahiko Satoh, and Kenji Kubo
Fundamental scheme to describe scenarios in extensive-form games by Quantum Annealing
65. Keren Li, Shijie Wei, Feihao Zhang, Pan Gao, Zengrong Zhou, Tao Xin, Xiaoting Wang, Patrick Rebentrost, and Guilu Long
Optimizing a Polynomial Function on a Quantum Processor